This method switches between the amendments within the "Project" object

activateAmendments(.Object, amendments)

# S4 method for Project,character
activateAmendments(.Object, amendments)



an object of class "Project"


character with the amendment name


To check what are the amendments names call listAmendments(p), where p is the object of "Project" class

Methods (by class)

  • .Object = Project,amendments = character: activate amendments in a "Project" object


projectConfig = system.file("extdata", "example_peps-master", "example_amendments1", "project_config.yaml", package = "pepr") p = Project(file = projectConfig)
#> Loading config file: /Users/runner/work/_temp/Library/pepr/extdata/example_peps-master/example_amendments1/project_config.yaml
#> amendments: newLib,newLib2
availAmendments = listAmendments(p)
#> amendments: newLib,newLib2
activateAmendments(p, availAmendments[1])
#> Activating amendment: newLib
#> PEP project object. Class: Project #> file: #> /Users/runner/work/_temp/Library/pepr/extdata/example_peps-master/example_amendments1/project_config.yaml #> samples: 4 #> amendments: newLib,newLib2